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Investment Strategies / Wealth Creation

Most of us acknowledge that the suburb we live in is not necessarily the best place to invest. But the challenge is – where is the best place to invest? Where can you achieve healthy yields and strong growth? The Better Mortgage & Financial Services research methodology is designed to take the guesswork out of investing. It combines years of experience, study and analysis. It is the country’s most comprehensive, up-to-date research methodology.

The process takes three steps:


This step uses macro economic analysis to identify geographical regions that are likely to experience strong capital growth. We have identified four key macro drivers that influence property prices.
They are:

  • Economics and Employment
  • Infrastructure Spending
  • Population and Demographics
  • Supply and Demand


Once a region has been identified as having strong growth potential, our process of micro research is then conducted.
Our micro research analyses:

  • Value
  • Design
  • Transport
  • Amenities
  • Quality
  • Rent

STEP 3 – Finance & Property Advisory INDEX

Every property is then rated on a scale of 1-10 for its potential growth and cashflow.
Growth is the key for creating long term wealth, however, we recognise many investors are sensitive to cash flow and as a result we only approve properties that have scored at seven or above for both these categories. The Finance & Property Advisory Index provides investors with a simple way to compare investments and purchase properties most appropriate for their portfolio.